Palos Sportsman's Club

Who We Are

Shooting Prices (effective July 1, 2014)

Club rules

  • ​​Shooting permitted during open hours only. 
  • Shooting by members and guests only.
  • ​Snap Caps are prohibited on club grounds.
  • Shoot cards to be used for member fees only.
  • Only Shotguns permitted on premises.
  • No shot larger than 7 1/2 allowed. 
  • Guns must be kept open until on the shooting station
  • Do not load or put a shell in any part of the gun until on the shooting station.
  • Trap: Place one shell in your gun at a time.  Do not close the action until it is your turn to shoot.  
  • Shooters must eject their shells and have gun open before turning around on the shooting station or moving from station to station.
  • Picking up empty hulls from the ground during a round is prohibited.
  • Wait for last person to fire before moving to the next station. 
  • Spectators not allowed on the shooting field.  
  • No alcohol permitted on property including parking lot.
  • ​All dogs must be on a leash.
Targets & ShellsMembersYouthsGuests
Skeet & Trap Targets (1 Round)$4.50$3.50$6.50
Skeet & Trap Shoot Card (25 Rounds)$106.00

5-Stand (1 Round)$6.00
5-Stand Shoot Card (25 Rounds)$130.00


Shells - all gauges available, see Manager for prices.  

Hours of Operation

The club house and fields are open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

9:00AM to 5:00PM.

From November to March, the club closes at dusk.  

Palos Sportsman’s Gun Club is a private non-profit society and is run by current members who volunteer their time and expertise.  There are several committees that are very active within the club. A number of people give up a considerable amount of personal time to start and nurture these committees and their associated activities; their contributions are greatly appreciated.
In doing so, we will manage our physical and personnel assets in the most cost efficient way possible and will strive to continually grow our membership as well as improve the services offered.
Our objective is to provide an environment, facilities and customer service ethic that will ensure members and their guests receive a truly enjoyable recreational experience.
Palos Sportsman’s Club is a member-driven organization formed for the enjoyment, camaraderie, sportsmanship and promotion of the clay target shooting sports.